Name :
TRanquilité En Zone Rurale par éclairage public et solaire (TREZOR)

Country : Mali

Year : Since 2017

Project status : Ongoing

Résumé : Solicited by the decentralized cooperation services of the Ille-et-Vilaine local council, Energies for the World has put forward its expertise and its financial support for the realization of a public lighting project in 10 rural areas of the region. This project will enhance the security of the population, will reinforce the authority of Malian territorial entities and will create attractive socio-economic areas.



Essential driving force of economic, social and domestic development, the access to electricity remains very limited in rural Mali. In the Motpi region, a large majority of areas are too far away from the national electric network to hope to benefit from public lighting. Today, only 24% of inhabitants of the Motpi region have access to electric services, with an even lower rate in rural zones.

This situation limits the attractivity of the territory because it does not supply the conditions for economic development. With an average of 5,6 kWh/m2 /day of solar irradiation, this region has a high solar deposit and therefore has a real alternative to the national network, through renewable and decentralized solutions.

Carte du Mali


The fruit of a 30-year cooperation between the Motpi regional council and the Ille-et-Vilaine local council, this project follows three main goals:


  • To reinforce the security and to create socio-economic attractive areas;
  • Reinforce the authority of Malian territorial collectivities in their building ownership role at the service of the populations;
  • Show the pertinence of renewable energy for development.



The project will install about twenty autonomous solar light poles in each of the 10 selected areas. The technical durability of the public lighting service will be assured by local collectivities through the creation of a dedicated fund for the maintenance and replacement of the equipment.

More generally, the public lighting service will upgrade the security conditions and reinforce the attractivity of the areas.

By putting the building ownership in the hands of the Motpi Regional Council and the equipment property to the villages, the project will reinforce the role of the local collectivities in the management of the electric services for the populations.

In total, 4 000 people per area, or 40 000 people globally will benefit from these results.