Access to electricity is a vector of development and an enhancement to the living conditions of the poorest. Therefore, the Fondation Energies pour le Monde’s (Fondem) goal is to favor the development of deprived populations by giving them a durable and reliable access to clean energy. Our approach relies on a triple logic :


  • Economic : electricity creates direct jobs and reduces the energetic bills ; gives more work time and therefore more work income ; creates new activities or modernizes pre-existing ones.
  • Social : the electrification of villages and rural areas makes it possible to enhance working conditions of students and teachers ; give access to clean water with electric pumps ; conserve vaccines ; light up health center and contributes to the security of populations.
  • Environmental : the use of renewable energies makes it easier to fight against deforestation, limits pollution linked to batteries and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and the dependence to fossil energies.


Fondem has intervened in 28 countries since its creation. Originally, electrification projects would answer social and economic punctual needs (schools, health centers, pumping…). Strengthened by this experience, the Foundation articulates today actions around three main axes:

  • Energetic planification, stemming from fieldwork that helps change scale and elaborates sustainable projects with a regional influence. This relies on the expert Noria program.
  • Installation and monitoring of fieldwork (see our actions). A tight link was created with our local partners, who we form and guide in the realization of the projects. In the electrification case, an effort is put on the awareness of local populations.
  • The diffusion and capitalization of feedback. This goes past publications and multimedia supports.

In order to correctly lead these projects, the Fondem counts on the financial support of public and private structures (see our partnerships) but also on contributions or donations from companies and private individuals.