Fondem has developed the Noria methodology to elaborate electrification programs with renewable energies on a regional scale. It rests on three complementary tools:


  • A set of data bases, by thematic modules, is used to analyze national, regional and local contexts. This collected information, from the most general (institutions, rural development policies) to the most precise (users payment capacities, social cohesion…) are organized and stocked.
  • A mapping softwaremakes it possible to visualize collected information on the map, to compare it and overlap different analysis levels and delimit the areas where successful conditions for electrification projects are located.
  • Thanks to a calculus software, Fondem determines the technical modalities, the financial mounting and the most pertinent organization types for the realization of the programs in targeted areas.


Local actors are implicated all along the Noria process. On the field, local investigators, that have greater knowledge of local specificities, are charged to collect data.

Firstly, it is necessary to collect general information : the institutions, the existence of national policies for the development of rural electrification, the legal and regulational framework surrounding renewable energies and the social and economical context. Specific criteria are put into place with local authorities in order to determine the most favorable areas.

On the basis of the fixed criteria, the Noria system analyzes all the data and picks priority zones regrouping the most favorable conditions whilst minimizing the risk of failure for the electrification programs.

Once this choice has been submitted and validated by local authorities a new phase of data collection is organized, with the consultation of a panel of users. For the targeted areas, more precise information is collected : the geographical organization of the villages, the local energetic deposit, the demand in electrical services, the capacity and the consent for populations to pay and their attitudes towards new technologies. A hierarchy is then, established between the areas within the same priority zones.

Stemming from the data collected and the established hierarchy, experts from Fondem elaborate the program, which is then submitted to donors and potential investors. 

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