PAMELA, Madagascar and Senegal


Nom : Multi-actors partnership for a sustainable access to electricity for economic activities (PAMÉLA)

Country : Senegal and Madagascar

Year : since 2016

Project status : ongoing

Summary : Started in 2016, the PAMELA project takes place in two countries: Senegal and Madagascar. It aims at giving access to electricity by solar productive activities with multiple concrete impacts for targeted populations: the increase of earnings, access to labor, the diversification of products and services available in rural areas and the reduction of labor pain.


Pamela aims at reinforcing local economies in regions where Fondem has already acted. Thanks to the projects Essen-2 in Casamance and Re-south and Boreale in the south of Madagascar, 10 local areas benefit today of quality electric services, based on renewable energy managed by locals.

The access to electricity in these areas has favored the emergence of new activities, in particular of services (cellular phone recharges, refrigeration). However, the emergence of more structuring productive activities hasn’t always been spontaneous.

carte Madagascar et Sénégal


If the local economic development is favored by the access to electricity, it is not truly possible unless it is combined with other factors: access to local entrepreneurs financing, to quality productive equipment and skill in accounting, marketing for the development of other markets.

That is why Pamela rests on an innovative approach implicating multiple complementary studies.


  • Fondem will put forward it’s knowledge in terms of renewable energy.
  • The PACTE laboratory, linked to the CNRS will be in charge of realizing field works on the socio-economical dynamics of the targeted regions.
  • The NGO’s Grdr in Senegal and Kiomba in Madagascar will follow the entrepreneurs in the field.



Multiple productive activities with high potential have already been identified: market gardening, fruit transformation, fishing products conservation, local craftsmanship (carpentry, sewing…).

20 to 30 local entrepreneurs will be backed in this project and will benefit to a clean and quality access to electricity and support-advice for the development of their activities.

Therefore, by favoring the development of new services and products in the 10 targeted areas and the financial equilibrium of the local actors of the electric service, the project will benefit indirectly to close to 30 000 people.



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