The Fondation Énergies pour le Monde (Fondem) was founded in 1990 by Alain Liebard. 

As one of the first to believe in the renewable energy and development nexus, he considered it crucial to involve public authorities, companies and celebrities in this ambitious project.

Since 1990, the Foundation and its partners have sought to improve access to electricity in rural areas mainly in Africa and in South-East Asia. See all our actions and projects here: projects and actions.

The Foundation leads and monitors sustainable and safe projects, in tight collaboration with its local partners (locals, collectivities, institutions …).

Throughout its projects, Fondem seeks to bring all types of renewable energies to the fore, as its members value their environmentally friendly character and rich diversity (photovoltaic and thermic solar panel, windmills, hydraulic and biomass energies).


Two key numbers stand out and sum up both the efficiency and necessity of Fondem’s actions : one million men and women now benefit from an access to electricity, but over a billion are still deprived from it.

If these data might appear rather shocking, they also offer crucial food for thought.

Indeed, denying the gravity and urgency of the situation comes down to thinking we can live our own lives without paying attention to climatic disorders and migration conflicts, that are evidently linked, as well as all the other challenges that are threatening us.

To imagine development without energy is as much as to imagine a tree without sap. Whether we like it or not, we are and will be solidary.

With the Sustainable Energy for all initiative launched in 2012, the United Nations have set clear targets: ensuring universal access to electricity before 2030 by doubling the role of renewable energies in the worldwide energy production. If the creation of the first European funds was an important step, this challenge really is one we must all overcome.

It is the challenge of our team, ready to continue its actions and enriched by its experience with the help of effective partnerships and local actors.

It is the challenge of public institutions that help, thanks to their funding, realize ambitious and sustainable projects.

It is also the challenge of companies and people who, by donating and contributing, support our projects.

This common engagement will contribute to ensure universal access to education, health services and communication, whilst giving us opportunities to exchange on and develop new projects.

Vincent Jacques le Seigneur
General Director of the Foundation Énergies pour le Monde


+1 million people impacted

13 000 tones of CO2 avoided

28 countries involved


First and last name years of practice
Jean-Louis Borloo Since 2017
Vincent Jacques le Seigneur 2014 - 2017
Alain Liébard (President Founder) 1990 - 2014