ENVOL, Madagascar

Nom :
Énergies Nouvelles et ValOrisations de Localités (ENVOL)

Country : Madagascar

Year : Since 2016

Project status : Ongoing

Summary : Through the ENVOL project, that aims at implementing electricity through solar powerplants in two areas of the Atsimo-Andrefana region, Fondem pursues its actions in favor of socio-economic development in the South of the Ile Rouge, where it has been in intervention since 1997. This project will help reduce the energetic bills of households and will enhance the living conditions of targeted populations thanks to its impacts on the economic and social local spectrum.

Financing : ENVOL is financed by the French Agency for Development (AFD), by the 10thFED of the European Union for the COI-ENERGIES (Indian Ocean Commission) program and by the Environment Agency on the Control of the Energy (ADEME).

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With the Resouth and Boreale projects, Fondem has already electrified nine areas in the south of Madagascar, in the Androy and Anosy regions. ENVOL is extended the action of the Fondem in the Grande Ile to the third southern region of the country: the Atsimo-Andrefana.

This project is inscribed in the continuity of the previous projects lead in Madagascar and bases itself on the planification study PEPSE, led by Fondem between 2005 and 2008, that has identified 73 rural areas favorable for a decentralized electrification with renewable energy.

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The ENVOL project aims at implementing durable electricity in two areas in the South of Madagascar, Ambohimahavelona and Andronahinaly, that are situated at about thirty kilometers of the nearest electric network.

Today, the local population use traditional energy sources (candles, kerosene lamps and batteries), that are costly and dangerous for the environment and for the health of the populations. Thanks to ENVOL, energy will be supplied by a photovoltaic powerplant and distributed but local network. Electricity will be used for domestic, social and economic needs and will contribute to the enhancement of the living conditions of the local populations.

In this project, Fondem is collaborating with a new local sponsor: the TAMAFA organization, which specializes in social and civil mobilization in the field of the access to clean water and purification. It has been active for more than 10 years in the Atsimo-Adrefana region. It will be, for Fondem, the chance to increase the capabilities of this new sponsor by forming it in the areas of decentralized rural electricity (ERD) and renewable energy. The diversification of its competences will enable TAMAFA to assure the wellbeing of electric services and to pursue the actions that it has already started in that area.

Last, important work of the sensibilization will be made in order to mobilize different actors in favor of the development of rural electrification by renewable energies in the Atsimo-Andrefana region.



ENVOL will have strong impacts on the economic and social local spectrum:


  • 20 economic activities, that are profit making, and at least two carried out by the grouping of women will be developed thanks to the electrification of the targeted areas.
  • A dozen of jobs linked to the installation and the use of electric services will also be created.
  • Close to 250 households, that have subscribed to the services proposed will see their living conditions enhanced thanks of domestic use of electricity.
  • On the long-term, about 20 000 people, targeted areas and those that are close will benefit from the enhancement of health, education and proximity services.



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