Fondem has conceived, developed and put forwards decentralized rural electrification programs with renewable energies in the past 30 years. Our team provides this knowledge recognized and acquired in the field, to support developers, institutions, research departments and operators at every step of thinking and deployment of electrification projects.


The operational deployment of dozens of rural electrification projects, in complete independence and with strong partnerships with local institutions, allowed us to understand the constraints on the ground, to understand the necessary complementarity of jobs and actors implicated in the complex structure of the rural electrification scheme.

From preliminary studies to monitoring operators on the field, Energies pour le Monde Assistance and Consulting knows how to deploy expertise and the network needed to support developers at every step of a rural electrification project.


· Decentralized rural electrification : solar kit, hybrid power-plants (solar, hydro, wind), mini grids 

· Territorial energetic planification 

· Renewable energy system 

· Solar pumping and local agriculture

· Rural electrification infrastructure exploitation

· Valorization of electric productive use

Energies pour le Monde Assistance and Consulting brings technical, institutional and socio-economical competences for a sustainable realization of works in the mutual respect of technical-economic objectives and access to durable and coherent access to electricity.


·  Consistency of frameworks and institutional mechanisms
·  Planning studies
· Demand analysis and socio-economic studies
·  Dimensioning and technical design of structures
· Project management, site monitoring, assistance with receiving operations and commissioning
·  Technico-economic engineering
·  Training, monitoring and monitoring
·  Mediation
·  Impact studies
·  Audit and evaluation